Environmental Management

Contact Number: 07058480245

The Department is responsible for developing appropriate and effective strategies for restoring, conserving and protecting the environment of the Region.

The Department is headed by a Director and operates five (5) Divisional structure with a staff strength of forty seven (47). The five (5) Divisions of the Department are:

(i) Natural Resources Management (NRM);

(ii) Environmental Planning and Assessment (EPA);

(iii) Pollution Control (PC);

(iv) Shoreline Protection and Reclamation (SPR); and

(v) Flood and Erosion Control (FEC).

Functions of Environmental Management Department

The functions of the Department are as follows:

(i) Implement, sustain and monitor the prioritized restoration, conservation and protection programmes/projects in the Niger Delta Region;

(ii) Develop intervention strategies and processes that will ensure that relevant environmental management tools, such as Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping (ESI), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Auditing and Due Diligence, are utilised in determining the siting of major infrastructure and the development of natural resources with respect to all major projects to be executed by MNDA; and

(iii) Develop and implement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and effective synergies between the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and State Governments, organizations and other relevant stakeholders in order to avoid overlapping of activities and projects.

Environmental Management Projects

The following Projects are ongoing:

Canalization Projects

There are canalization projects aimed at deepening, redirecting existing creeks and water ways in order to provide all-season’s navigable water ways. The projects were designed to ease the difficulty being experienced by the riverine communities of the Niger Delta in transportation as a result of siltation of the creeks and water ways.

Positive Impact

Completed sections of the canalization projects are already being utilized by the communities around the area and they provide all seasons navigable waterways.

Shoreline Protection and Land Reclamation Projects

The Shoreline protection projects are aimed at dredging sand from the surrounding rivers and creeks, to reclaim eroded shoreline including provision of protective armour layer to protect the shoreline embankment from erosion.

Positive Impact

The area reclaimed at the Land Reclamation and Shoreline Protection project at Kurutie has been utilised for the Ministry’s Housing Project in the community.

Erosion Control Land and Reclamation Projects

Erosion control project is aimed at reclaiming gully erosion sites and provision of adequate control measures to protect the reclaimed area from erosion and flooding.

Positive Impact

Completed sections of the Land Reclamation and Erosion Control Projects are providing easy access for the communities and also securing their properties that were at the verge of collapse prior to the commencement of these projects.

Remediation and Rehabilitation of Oil Impacted Sites

This project is aimed at remediation, rehabilitation and restoration of oil polluted sites in the Niger Delta Region.

Our Address

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FCT Abuja, Nigeria. 
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