Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja
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Economic Empowerment Dept


The Economic Empowerment Department (EED) is one of the 5 Technical Departments in the Ministry. Within its mandate, the Department is responsible for implementing programmes and projects focused on improving the economic well-being of citizens of the Niger Delta Region, mainly through agricultural development programmes and support for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

    Function of the Department
    The Department undertakes the following functions:
  1. Promoting the development and implementation of economic empowerment activities in the Niger Delta Region
  2. Training and retraining of farmers in modern agricultural practices for effective and sustainable agricultural development and food security in the Region
  3. Facilitating trainings for youths, women and other vulnerable groups on life-skills and agriculture and its value chains in the Region;
  4. Promoting fisheries and livestock development in the Region;
  5. Establishing agro-processing cottage industries;
  6. Promoting livelihood skills through support for micro, small and medium services; and
  7. Supporting the development of entrepreneurial skills and start-ups in the Region.

Structure of the Department:
  1. Agricultural Training and Support Service (ATSS);
  2. Livestock and Aquaculture (L&A);
  3. Agro-Processing and other Value Chains (Agro); and
  4. Commerce and Small Business (CSB).

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