Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja
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Infrastructural Dev Dept


Infrastructure Development Department is one of the key technical departments in the Ministry. The Department is headed by a Director and has five Divisions as follows:

  1. Transportation, Construction and Rehabilitation East;
  2. Transportation, Construction and Rehabilitation West;
  3. Transportation Planning, Design and Development;
  4. Engineering Services;
  5. Materials and Geotechnics.

    The activities and functions of the Infrastructure Development are highlighted below:
  1. Planning, Development, Design, Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation of Physical Infrastructure Projects - Roads, Power Supply, Water Supply, Modular Refinery, etc;
  2. Provision of technical Engineering Services pertaining to projects under other departments of the Ministry in the areas of water supply, electrification, internal road networks for all infrastructure projects being executed by the Ministry;
  3. Collaborations with relevant Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) in provision of Inland Waterways, Rail Infrastructure; and
  4. Providing information and assisting in Policy formulation and coordination to fast-track infrastructure development in the Niger Delta Region.

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